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BUSINESS OF THE MONTH: Bartlett & Herrington

Stefanie Herrington

Stefanie Herrington

I was extremely excited to interview Stefanie Herrington, Estate Planning Attorney for Bartlett & Herrington, because not only does she do amazing work for our mutual clients but has a heart of gold and really makes a huge impact in our community. 

How long have you been practicing law?
I graduated from law school seven years ago and I spent my first year clerking for a judge in Denver at the Colorado Court of Appeal. Then I spent a year practicing complex business litigation in Portland, Oregon - and I have been here (Carpinteria) for five years now - We just celebrated the 5 year anniversary of our law firm, Bartlett & Herrington.

Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset 

Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset 

Can you tell me a little more about your role as an Estate Planning Attorney? 
I do everything from trusts and probates, trust administration after clients pass away, I do a lot of veteran planning for veterans who have low income and high medical needs, I do special needs planning for our clients, I do a lot of agricultural planning because of where we live in the Carpinteria Valley, so a lot of sub specialties but it all falls under estate planning.

Girls Inc of Carpinteria 

Girls Inc of Carpinteria 


Why did you get into law and what do you enjoy most about it?
I was a newspaper editor and I loved it. I loved reading articles and getting breaking news and finding errors. But after awhile I had done it for ten years and I wanted more of a challenge so I decided law school would be a great education - and I didn’t think I wanted to be a lawyer until I started doing it. What I love about my job is I get to do a lot of hands on work with my clients, and often times I get to work with multiple generations so I enjoy the whole family aspect and connecting people with other resources, like Realtors!

What is the toughest part of your job?
The toughest part is also the most rewarding part which is really just delving into family dynamics and learning individual goals and their challenges and the things that worry them at night, so sometimes you get to see the worst of people and more often than not you get to see the best of people.


Do you only handle cases locally?
The vast majority of our clients are in the local area so Carpinteria, Ventura, Goleta, Santa Barbara but certainly I have clients in the Bay Area and elsewhere that are referrals for other clients. But most of our work is here.

We know you are heavily involved in the community, tell us more about your amazing community service in Carpinteria.
Mainly right now the things that I am enjoying the most and spending most of my time with are: I am serving on the board of Girls Inc in Carpinteria, so that’s an amazing organization that really impacts the lives of young girls in our community. And I have been a member of Rotary for 5 years since I moved to Carpinteria and last summer I started a new Rotary Club, Rotary Club of Carpinteria’s Sunset, and I invited all of my friends to join it - so even though I am not the president of that club I am just the secretary - I play a big role. So those are my two big projects that I spend nights, weekends and sometimes part of the day on.

Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset 

Rotary Club of Carpinteria Sunset 



Price Reduced $100k! Wow! 💸 121 W De La Guerra #7

121 W De La Guerra #7 

Award winning luxury town home in downtown Santa Barbara w/a walk score of 98! Large 1 bedroom+loft unit showcases an open concept floor plan with wood floors, gourmet kitchen, granite counters, stainless appliances, gas fireplace & private patio. Luxurious bedroom features Juliette balcony, en-suite bathroom with double vanity & oversized walk-in closet. Loft is perfect for overnight guests or dedicated office. Completely gated building with elevator to street level and parking garage. Steps away from renowned amenities - including restaurants, theaters, galleries, museums, historic sites, boutiques and shopping. Less than 1 mile to waterfront and beaches.



 (805) 351-2101

One Twenty One is the winner of The American Institute of Architects Santa Barbara Chapter Merit Award for excellence in design and has been awarded the coveted Santa Barbara Beautiful Award for 2014.

Want to know what it's like to live at One Twenty One? See what neighbor Doug has to say...



BUSINESS OF THE MONTH: J North Productions

Jesse Natale 

Jesse Natale 

What does J North Productions services consist of?
We are a commercial and promotional video production and photography company.  We do a  wide variety of projects from tv commercials, corporate and product videos, real estate, and even documentary work. 

We are also building a network of creatives which our clients will be able to access for things like web design, graphics and stock video and photos... something my partners and I will be launching later this year.

How long have you been doing videography/been in the industry??
I started working with video in high school Hi 8 tapes and VHS which feels pretty ancient now... then I did some documentary non-profit work around the world. Got a commercial film degree and started my company in 2006.

How would you describe your style—documentary, cinematic or a mix of both?
I have some personal preferences in what style I like, but every project is different and we try to develop an appropriate style depending on the client and the product itself. So it's definitely a mix. 

With increasing need for video content have you noticed a spike in business?
There has definitely been a gradual increase in demand for the type of content we produce. Most business owners know by now how important good quality video and photo content is and its just a matter of when they are ready to commit moving forward. 

A lot of people are a little nervous to dive in expecting things to be expensive and time consuming but I think its important to just get started with something small to get the wheels turning. A little bit of video and photo marketing goes a long way. 

Copy of MVI_3299.MOV.03_54_36_12.Still003.jpg

Favorite job so far ?
We feel really lucky to have so many great clients.  A lot of them are companies that use our services year round. A few of my favorite projects have been with local companies like Figueroa Mountain Brewing and Beckmen Vineyards. We have also been working with Adidas and P3 sports over the past few years and thats definitely exciting stuff to shoot. We are currently editing some promotional content for adidas that we shot a few weeks ago.

Least favorite job so far ?
I've had to shoot some boring stuff, but I probably shouldn't be too specific (wink)...we are finally at the point that we can pass on some jobs here and there that aren't the right fit. I'm trying to get better at detecting early on when it's the right fit or not. 

My least favorite part of this work is never feeling like the product is completely done and perfect.. I always feel like theres one or two things I wish were better or different. Ive heard thats pretty common for artists to feel that way...although I don't really think of myself as an artist. 

What do you most enjoy about the work you do?
I really enjoy the creative side of the work we do...not so much the business side. I love being able to create a tangible piece of work that hopefully many people will get to see.  It's all about evoking emotion out of the viewer...which sometimes can be accomplished easily and other times it takes a lot of work. We want to portray the client or product we are shooting and make the viewer feel like they are right there in it...  It feels good when we do it successfully. This industry is always changing from the technical side of things and we have to continually keep up and keep things fresh, so every day is a little different. Sometimes it's crazy long hours and working all weekend and sometimes it's a Tuesday morning and I can choose to just go for a surf instead of working... really can't beat that.

So you do real estate videography as well? Interesting real estate properties you have done?/ What was your favorite property?
Yes we definitely do a little bit of everything and there is a huge need for our services in the real estate world here in Santa Barbara for obvious reasons. 

Its fun to bring a home to life through videos and photography...sometimes can be quite challenging, but it's nice to end up getting a great product out there when it's all done. 

There are such beautiful properties in Santa Barbara so it's nice to be able to be a part of showing them off.  

We have shot a few homes in Montecito and Hope Ranch that just blow your mind. I'm not sure there is one specific favorite but If I ever get super rich Im going to just take all the best parts of each house we've shot and throw it all into one epic house.






Kat Hitchcock’s Interview with Brandon Arlington owner of CDB Group

Santa Barbara home design by the CDB Group

Santa Barbara home design by the CDB Group

Kat: What does CDB stand for?

Brandon: Consult. Design. Build. We do all of those things, and it is more of a business model than just a name. Which is why I chose it. 

Kat: Awesome! I love that. Okay, so what does your team at CDB Group consist of?

Brandon: We have field personnel, office administration, project managers, carpenters and laborers.

Kat:  What is the biggest project that CDB Group has completed in Santa Barbara?

Brandon: Planning, design, permitting and development of a 4,000 sq ft residential custom new build project in Mission Canyon. Project is currently in the construction planning phase. The residence has features such as media room, private office, steam shower & a double two car garage.

Kat: What has been your favorite project?

Jamie Slone Wines 

Jamie Slone Wines 

Brandon: It would be hard to pick one because we have has so many great projects, and they all bring something different to the table. Jamie Slone Wines is one that comes to mind immediately when talking about commercial projects. It was really fun being able to work with great clients, Jamie and Kym, as well as putting something together that’s in good taste and design, and is enjoyed by the Santa Barbara community.  Residential is hard because our remodels are so great and there’s so many. 

Kat: How many years have you been doing construction?

Brandon:  I started in construction when I was 13 years old, so that’s 20 years. I worked for my father’s construction development company for a while which is where I started. I used to work at an architecture firm where I was their errand boy while I was doing some CAD (computer-aided design) and drafting courses at Santa Barbara City College. 

Kat: What’s your favorite part about doing what you do?

Brandon:  I would say the task of creative thinking and trying to take a challenge that in a lot of instances the odds are slim. When you consider construction companies, and especially start ups the likelihood that they are going to be successful is pretty low. I enjoy beating the odds and the challenge of it, and being able to use creativity to come up with new approaches to problems and actually solving them.

Kat: What sets CDB Group apart from the other companies in town?

Brandon: I would say the biggest thing is that we are a one stop shop. That doesn't necessarily mean everything is done in house, but we connect people with good business people in the area. We know that in order to grow sustainably that we have to pace ourselves and there’s a lot of operations out there that come out of the gates sprinting as hard as they can and tire out. We are a company that is dedicated to not doing that and giving a top notch service to our clients and being around for the long run.

Kat: Okay, last question what should people do before starting a project on their own?

Brandon: Don’t start on your own. Consult with people and ask questions. Its about getting connected with the right people and consulting with them, and having a clear direction of the pathway that you should take to conduct the project you’re after. Also word of mouth goes a long way in this town.  All of my business I have generated over the years is word of mouth I haven’t advertised at all. After the second year in business we had a sustainable growth pattern at about 30% per year. These next oncoming years we plan on continuing that type of growth pattern



Free CDB Onsite Project Consultation for anyone that mentions Ralston and Hitchcock! 





BUSINESS OF THE MONTH: AllScape Design + Installation

Kat Hitchcock’s Interview With Nate Zacarias and Ben Hatcher owners of AllScape Design + Installation


Kat: First question, what does being water wise mean?

Nate Zacarias 

Nate Zacarias 

Nate: It basically means to be efficient with the way you use your water and trying to effectively reduce and save on not only on water but also on cost. Water is expensive it is becoming the new high end gold. 

Kat: Exactly, we have sellers that have acres and acres of land and obviously with the drought it has made their water bill more expensive. From a maintenance standpoint they are all trying to figure out the best plan of action. 

Ben:  There’s a lot of different avenues on ways to save water- whether it's irrigation assistance, drought tolerant plants and adding mulch to absorb moisture when it does rain. There’s a lot of different ways you can reduce the use of water. 

Kat: What is the ROI analysis on irrigation projects?

Ben Hatcher 

Ben Hatcher 

Ben: We calculate the return on investment. We calculate what the customer is currently spending and how long it will take for that budget to pay itself back. On small properties it is very rare. You have to do pretty extensive things to your landscape to create an ROI that is noticeable. Typical ROI’s would pay back in 5-15 years depending on what you do. I think it’s just seeing their water bills go down that makes our clients happy.  

Kat: For those who don't know what is the difference between hardscape and landscape? 

Nate: Hardscapes are hard materials like concrete, rock work, pathways- anything outside of softscapes. Softscapes would be considered planting and lawn installations, anything that has to do with plant material and gravels. Pathways can be both hardscape and softscapes. 

Kat:  A lot of our sellers have been putting in fire pits and decking, does AllScape design + installation handle those type of projects? 

Nate: Of course. We handle fire pits, any kind of woodwork like fencing, decking, pergolas, we do it all. If we can’t do something we have amazing contractors that can do it.

Kat:  What are the biggest mistakes you commonly see when people do their own landscaping? DIY Do’s and Do nots?

Ben: I think going with cheap material. So often when we go on a consultation we find cheap Home Depot material that doesn’t last long, or something not being installed properly. Actually the most common thing we find is irrigation breaks. 

Kat: Can AllScape Design + Installation test the irrigation lines for breaks? 

Ben: Yep. More often than not we find breaks in the valves or the piping. 

Nate: We call this an irrigation evaluation, we evaluate the entire system- find out where the flaws are- find out where you are wasting water, and then give a proposal to fix that at first and then give the customer ideas on how to improve and make it more efficient. 

Kat: What makes AllScape Design + Installation different than other landscape companies?

Ben:  I think just being on top of our game. We have connections with great sub contractors, our knowledge, and being in the field for so many years. 

Nate:  Also I think its our communication.

Ben: Communication is key. 

AllScape Design + Installation Completed Project

AllScape Design + Installation Completed Project

Nate: The fact that we call people back - and we joke that should be our slogan because it’s true- we hear it all the time so many people just don’t call you back. 

Ben: And we are on site, on time, if we can’t be there we call ahead of time and just keep the client updated with good communication. Which is lacking with a lot of contractors. It’s something they struggle with. So I think thats the one thing we have built our business on and considered a major part of our success is our communication. 

Nate:  I also think we are fairly priced. You know were not high end or low end but we are right where we should be as far as what we charge clients. I think that shows. 

Kat: That is awesome. What do you find most difficult or challenging as a landscaper?

Ben: Figuring out their budget. It’s not like our prices stay the same, but people struggle to tell us their budget.

AllScape Design + Installation Completed Project

AllScape Design + Installation Completed Project

Nate: To know someone's ideal budget is key because it helps me just design what I need to design within that range. Otherwise I have fun with it and make it lavish and then they see the proposal and they get taken aback. If I get a set budget then I can design around that. So that is a challenge when clients don't know ahead of time. 

Kat: When someone hires AllScape Design + Installation what should they expect? What sort of planning should you do beforehand?

Nate: If they want to do a project- it is nice to know what type of style. Those are questions I bring to the table. If you want a Mediterranean, drought tolerant, if you want a California garden type, free flowing design, or do you want something more symbiotic and symmetrical. There’s all different styles out there. 

Kat: Besides style of project, what else should they expect?  

Nate: They usually have an idea and style is number one, and what they want to save. What type of plants they want to be incorporated, what colors, it’s key to know. A lot of people hate oranges and yellows. So we have to ask those questions. Not only what you like but also what you dislike. It helps me figure out the plant palette and what type of movement through the property and sitting areas. 

AllScape Design + Installation Completed Project 

AllScape Design + Installation Completed Project 

Ben: Also taking photos of stuff they like, a lot people take photos around the neighborhood of what they do and do not like. Right now our work is a lot of taking out grass and putting in drought tolerant plants. We typically go and meet with them and then ask them what you want to do and that then forms Nate’s idea of what he’s going to design. Then we do digital imaging as a quick test so they can see what they like and don’t like in different scenarios.  Then we will talk with them about moving forward.

Nate: Then we can go to the next level and do a blueprint design, a to scale design. Or we can go with the design imaging only and make a proposal based on that. Which would be the cheapest way to go. If they want to spend the extra $500-1000 to get it done right with the blueprint it does help. Then they own it, it is theirs and if they ever want to change anything they have the square footages. If they needed a different concrete contractor to come in and get square footage of the driveway it’s already set onto scale. I always try to push to get design blueprints done- but in the landscape world things move so fast.

Kat:  So what do ya’ll think of all this amazing rain?

Nate: Love it. Need it.

Kat: Do you think it is going to change anything in landscape world?

Ben: I hope it changes people’s philosophy about what a yard should typically look like. I hope we go away from the thought of huge lawn areas being ideal. You know typically you don't use your front yard as much so take out the front yard grass and just be more mindful of the water. 

Nate:  The problem is people see rain and think they can instantly go back to their old ways. I hope through all the education from the Santa Barbara and Goleta water districts people will think differently. The water districts did an amazing job getting people educated about being water wise. 

Kat: Okay, one more question. What do you love most about what you do?


Nate: From day one in this industry I have always loved not only the creative part of it but its seeing a crappy yard transition into something special and unique. You know home owners have to live with it every day. I like seeing the transition and happy customers which is why I got into it. To help people out and I love being outdoors. 

Ben: Like Nate said being able to walk away from a project and transition something into such a big difference. Building something, making something and getting to work with the clients. 

Kat:  I feel like I have met a handful of your clients and they are all extremely excited with the finished projects and love working with you guys.

Nate: It’s a good community we live in and its fun to create those relationships with clients. 

Ben: We are kind of friends with a lot of them. We would see them out around town and go have a beer together. I think that is kind of special.

Kat: We love sending you guys business, thank you for being so great to our clients. 

AllScape Design + Installation free digital imaging draft for your next project when you mention Ralston and Hitchcock!



SOLD! ⛳️🏠 Golf Course and Mountain Views

SOLD! ⛳️🏠 Golf Course + Mountain Views

253 Moreton Bay Lane #4 | Goleta, CA  93

Bedrooms: 2  |  Bathrooms: 2| Views: Golf Course + Mountain | Square Ft1,211
Sold Price: $573,000


Located on the Encina Royale golf course with beautiful mountain views. This 2 bedroom + den unit features an updated kitchen with newer appliances and Silestone kitchen counters, wood floors throughout, as well as an enclosed shared garage. The Encina Royale complex enjoys a clubhouse, pool, golf course, greenbelt and gym. Situated in a convenient Goleta location near shopping, yet 15 minutes from Downtown Santa Barbara. 



BUSINESS OF THE MONTH: MoveGreen Moving Services

Kat Hitchcock interviews Nick Jacobson the General Manager of Movegreen

Kat: Movegreen has been established for 9 years? I’m surprised it has been that long, it feels like such a young company.

Nick: Yes, young, but it grew pretty quick - it’s grown 23% each year.

Kat: That’s amazing! I know Movegreen helps a lot with Junior League of Santa Barbara’s Rummage Event every year. You do so much with keeping our rummage items stored and then all the man power the weekend of the event. Does Movegreen do any other non-profit work?

Nick: Yes- Teacher’s fund is a big one

Kat: Nice! I know that golf tournament is a big event every year. 

Nick: So that's the biggest one…we also do tree’s for humanity - so for every move we partner with a company that will plant ten trees. 

Kat: That’s amazing! Is there a specific place they plant them?

Nick: They are mostly third world locations.

Kat: Very cool!

So my next question will be good for our clients, what’s the best tip you could give someone who is going to be moving?

Nick:  Organization, planning ahead, and to relax! 

Kat: I know we just got done working together on one of my Montecito listings. If I remember correctly your process is first come to the home and go over everything that needs to be moved. Then from there you break it down by time, labor and materials? 

Nick: Yep, that's how we do it.

Kat: So how many guys are on a job for, let’s say… a 1,500 square foot house?

Nick: About 3.

Kat: Is it all day pack and move? Or….

Nick: So a 1,500 square foot house pack and move would take 3 guys and 10-12 hours over 2 days. Pack one day, move the next day.

Kat: So what would be the average cost?

Nick: $68 per man/per hour. So around $2,000. 

Kat: Not that bad for not having to move yourself!

Nick: I would never move myself again-it’s horrible.

Kat: I totally agree! Before I married my husband I moved every year for 6 years straight here in Santa Barbara. Its absolutely exhausting trying to move by yourself. 

Do you have any other moving locations other than Santa Barbara? 

Nick: We are in Ventura too!

Kat: No way, that’s huge! I feel like Ventura is a good market to be in. 

Nick: Absolutely. 

Next question is Kylie’s (assistant) question what do you love most about your job?

Nick:  The location is amazing. I love living in Santa Barbara and our employees are great- the guys we work with make it fun. 

Kat:  Everyone from Movegreen that helped with the Junior League of Santa Barbara Rummage event were such great guys to work with and sweet to give us their time.  

Nick: We are pretty picky about the guys we hire so they make it fun - and then I love dealing with the customers too. 

Kat: That’s awesome. Well thank you for meeting with me!

For any of our clients you will receive 10% off your move with MoveGreen services when you mention Ralston and Hitchcock!!!



Just Listed 🌊🏖 Carpinteria Vacation Beach Condo w/view

4700 Sandyland Road #28 | Carpinteria 

Located across the street from the beautiful Carpinteria Beach and Nature Preserve, yet still super close to downtown dining and shopping. This 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom townhouse style unit enjoys an ocean view from the upstairs bedroom and mountain views from the patio deck. Brand new carpet and paint. Resort-style amenities include 2 pools, hot tub, club house, gated parking & on-site rental-management staff. The perfect beach lifestyle to enjoy as a year round residence, vacation home or rental investment property! Only 5 minutes to famed Rincon surfing, 10 minutes to Santa Barbara, 40 minutes to wine country and 90 minutes to downtown Los Angeles.



Sold!🏡 Charming 3 Bedroom Ventura Home

1319 Egret Avenue | Ventura, CA  93003 

Bedrooms: 3  |  Bathrooms: 1.5  |  Laundry: In Garage  |  Parking: 2 car garage
Sold Price: $488,000


Charming single family home in a central Ventura location at the end of a cul-de-sac street. Features custom archways, crown molding, open floor plan and sky lights. Laminate wood flooring throughout, recessed lighting, and newer windows. The Kitchen offers tile counters, gas cook top, built in microwave, trash compactor, dishwasher, refrigerator, and lots of cabinets for storage space. The great room features a gas fireplace and mantel with canned lighting and dimmers.  The sliding glass doors lead to a welcoming back yard area perfect for entertaining, complete with a producing Avocado tree! 




    Gold is the new green 🍂

    After being in consideration since September due to a predicted 300 acre-foot water shortage, the city of Santa Barbara has decided to put forth a new effort in conserving water. Starting January 1, 2017 they will enforce a lawn watering ban with limited exceptions.

    The video below demonstrates how going into the sixth year of drought has effected our community, and how banning lawn watering will increase the efforts to conserve. 

    Joshua Haggmark the city Water Resources Manager, states "12% of our water is still being put on turf, that is why we are focusing our attention on that." Which he goes on to explain in a time not in drought our community as a whole usually uses 20% of water on average to water our lawns. "What we're trying to really do is help the community prioritize it's landscape. What we don't want to see the community let go of is the trees and shrubs, which are a much more significant investment by the community and really kind of give Santa Barbara it's 'look'."

    For more information on water supplies, drought planning, regulations, and rebates please visit or call 564-5460.