Kat Hitchcock interviews Nick Jacobson the General Manager of Movegreen

Kat: Movegreen has been established for 9 years? I’m surprised it has been that long, it feels like such a young company.

Nick: Yes, young, but it grew pretty quick - it’s grown 23% each year.

Kat: That’s amazing! I know Movegreen helps a lot with Junior League of Santa Barbara’s Rummage Event every year. You do so much with keeping our rummage items stored and then all the man power the weekend of the event. Does Movegreen do any other non-profit work?

Nick: Yes- Teacher’s fund is a big one

Kat: Nice! I know that golf tournament is a big event every year. 

Nick: So that's the biggest one…we also do tree’s for humanity - so for every move we partner with a company that will plant ten trees. 

Kat: That’s amazing! Is there a specific place they plant them?

Nick: They are mostly third world locations.

Kat: Very cool!

So my next question will be good for our clients, what’s the best tip you could give someone who is going to be moving?

Nick:  Organization, planning ahead, and to relax! 

Kat: I know we just got done working together on one of my Montecito listings. If I remember correctly your process is first come to the home and go over everything that needs to be moved. Then from there you break it down by time, labor and materials? 

Nick: Yep, that's how we do it.

Kat: So how many guys are on a job for, let’s say… a 1,500 square foot house?

Nick: About 3.

Kat: Is it all day pack and move? Or….

Nick: So a 1,500 square foot house pack and move would take 3 guys and 10-12 hours over 2 days. Pack one day, move the next day.

Kat: So what would be the average cost?

Nick: $68 per man/per hour. So around $2,000. 

Kat: Not that bad for not having to move yourself!

Nick: I would never move myself again-it’s horrible.

Kat: I totally agree! Before I married my husband I moved every year for 6 years straight here in Santa Barbara. Its absolutely exhausting trying to move by yourself. 

Do you have any other moving locations other than Santa Barbara? 

Nick: We are in Ventura too!

Kat: No way, that’s huge! I feel like Ventura is a good market to be in. 

Nick: Absolutely. 

Next question is Kylie’s (assistant) question what do you love most about your job?

Nick:  The location is amazing. I love living in Santa Barbara and our employees are great- the guys we work with make it fun. 

Kat:  Everyone from Movegreen that helped with the Junior League of Santa Barbara Rummage event were such great guys to work with and sweet to give us their time.  

Nick: We are pretty picky about the guys we hire so they make it fun - and then I love dealing with the customers too. 

Kat: That’s awesome. Well thank you for meeting with me!

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