After being in consideration since September due to a predicted 300 acre-foot water shortage, the city of Santa Barbara has decided to put forth a new effort in conserving water. Starting January 1, 2017 they will enforce a lawn watering ban with limited exceptions.

The video below demonstrates how going into the sixth year of drought has effected our community, and how banning lawn watering will increase the efforts to conserve. 

Joshua Haggmark the city Water Resources Manager, states "12% of our water is still being put on turf, that is why we are focusing our attention on that." Which he goes on to explain in a time not in drought our community as a whole usually uses 20% of water on average to water our lawns. "What we're trying to really do is help the community prioritize it's landscape. What we don't want to see the community let go of is the trees and shrubs, which are a much more significant investment by the community and really kind of give Santa Barbara it's 'look'."

For more information on water supplies, drought planning, regulations, and rebates please visit or call 564-5460.