Living Room After Check out the November issue of Architectural Digest for an article on designer Madeline Stuart's impressive remodel of her historic Santa Barbara bungalow!

Santa Barbara's El Caserio, an alluring neighborhood known for its Spanish Colonial Revivals, arose in the 1930s as an artistic community and has been popular with artists ever since. Los Angeles-based interior designer Madeline Stuart first learned about the area when she and her husband thought about purchasing a Santa Barbara getaway. After visiting a beautiful El Caserio bungalow, Stuart immediately made an offer, and ended up with a new project.

Originally looking for a fun side task, Stuart quickly discovered that her new property had more issues than she had initially realized. Facing structural problems and questionable design choices, Casa Caserio underwent expensive renovations, including rerouting the entrance to the bedroom (which had originally meant walking through a bathroom) and designing all-new doors and windows that were still consistent with the authentic 1930s detailing.

Though costly and time-consuming, Stuart's hard work and dedication paid off. Featuring both modern accents and traditional Spanish charm, Stuart has transformed the historic bungalow while staying true to its Spanish Revival roots. Read the full article here and take a look at these stunning before and after photos!

Den Before

Den After

Bedroom Before

Bedroom After


Photos by Richard Powers / Architectural Digest.