The short answer: yes! Although some people don't like the idea of hiring a stager to make their home more appealing for a potential buyer, it can have a significant impact on a property's ability to sell. In fact, the Association of Property Scene Designers found that "staged homes sell 43% more quickly than unstaged homes." And according to the National Association of Realtors, they sell for 11% more.

Staging is an incredibly effective way to highlight specific features of the house, which makes it different from interior design, which focuses on personalizing a house to an individual's own tastes. Even though staging involves furnishing and decorating a house, it can be difficult for sellers to picture their home in a new, often more simple way that may not be the way they themselves would have decorated it. However, professional stagers are usually trained in design and have learned how to accent a home through design, which can make it exponentially more appealing to potential buyers.

Cost for staging can vary, and depends on the size of the home and the work that needs to be done. While the fee is typically paid by homeowners rather than agents, the benefits well outweigh the cost. As Realtor Lisa Culp Taylor explains in her blog, hiring a professional stager with a fresh eye helped a client sell their home within 4 days post-staging!