Montecito: $3,530,000 Hope Ranch: $1,980,000 SB East: $997,000 SB West: $785,000 Goleta: $774,000 Summerland/Carp: $1,490,000

The number of sales for June 2012 is rivaling 2002 and 2004 at 600 for the month. The Median Sale Price for the Jan-June 2012 timeframe ticked down a bit to $785,000 versus $840,000 for 2011 same time period. This is due to the short sales and Bank Owned properties pulling down that Median. We are working through those; in fact, the Notices of Default filed with Santa Barbara County AND the Trustee Sales is dramatically down month over month.

The Santa Barbara County numbers reflected here are inclusive of Santa Maria- a whole different animal with many more Short Sales on the horizon. I believe Santa Barbara proper has worked thru those and we are certainly rebounding nicely.  We are experiencing multiple offers on many properties. Consumer confidence is the highest it has been in 5 years.fha loan application online