Nestled between the Santa Ynez Mountains and the ocean, Montecito is one of the state’s most cherished coastal towns with near perfect weather year round. It is one of the most exclusive and attractive communities in the world with highly sought after real estate. Visitors and residents enjoy beautiful beaches, high-class resorts, fine dining, amazing parks, and a variety of outdoor sports and mountain trails.


Montecito has kept many of the characteristics it acquired from the early 20th century. Residents have preserved the charm of this town by maintaining oak-lined roads absent concrete curbs, underground utilities, and streets absent ads. This small town has lured many celebrities and dignitaries with its natural beauty that is highlighted by wonderful hiking trails full of waterfalls and ocean views, natural hot springs, and amazing beaches.

Montecito can be separated into two distinct areas: the upper village and Coast Village Road. The upper village is marked as the shopping area between San Ysidro Road and Santa Angela Lane. This strip consists of a grocery store, post office, deli, hardware store, antique shops, a gas station, bookshops and several restaurants, creating the central hub of the community.

The Coast Village Road has a variety of top-of-the-line restaurants, boutiques, ice cream and gelato shops, salons, and jewelry stores.

The two public elementary schools are rated among the best in the State. Montecito also contains five private schools and a small, highly ranked liberal arts college.


Some of the most desirable real estate in the world, home prices general start around $2 million and can go up to $50 million or more, many of which are second or third homes. Well-known architects who have contributed to the houses and town buildings include George Washington Smith, Frank Lloyd Wright, Carleton Winslow, Julia Morgan and many others.