Laina, Pack Leader, left

Laina, Pack Leader, left

Business of the Month: Santa Barbara Dog Jog

Lucky, Macaroni, and Trouble on 60 minute trail walk around More Mesa  #sbdogjog   #luckysbdj  #macaronisbdj   #troublesbdj   #moremesa

Lucky, Macaroni, and Trouble on 60 minute trail walk around More Mesa #sbdogjog #luckysbdj#macaronisbdj #troublesbdj #moremesa

We have a new an exciting Business of the Month for you all this April! We interviewed Laina Malm, owner of SB Dog Jog. As you may have noticed, we are both self proclaimed DOG people, naturally we wanted to highlight Laina's wonderful dog walking business with a twist. At SB Dog Jog you can get your fur baby their own fitness plan whether it be a walk, jog, or hike in the beautiful mountains of Santa Barbara. Laina herself is an avid runner, hiker, and race athlete, and can often be seen putting in miles down on the waterfront bike path or in the Santa Barbara hills, hiking with her two dogs, Macaroni and Trouble. 

Since moving to Santa Barbara she has been on the Board of Directors at DAWG, the local no-kill shelter, and has been active in fostering and finding homes for dogs in need. 

How long has SB Dog jog been in business?

I started Santa Barbara Dog Jog in April of 2015 with my partner Gillian Conway. She has since left, but I've been in business for three wonderful years. 

How did you come up with this business concept?

   That smile says it ALL!  #sbdogjog   #sagesbdj  


That smile says it ALL! #sbdogjog #sagesbdj 

I grew up with dogs, my parents were breeders, and have often volunteered at local dog shelters in the various places I’ve lived over the years. After I had my son I had some free time while he was at daycare and decided to combine my love of running with my affection and adoration of dogs. 

What makes SB Dog Jog different from other dog walking services in town?

Most dog walkers offer just that - walks! We are so much more in that we offer K9 fitness. If your puppy is acting up and needs to get it’s run on, we’ll take him/her for a 6 mile run or a 90 minute hike. We believe a tired dog is a good dog. We definitely offer shorter walks as well but feel that the health benefits from fitness for all creatures adds to a longer and healthier life. We’re also a one-on-one service where your dog will receive individualized attention and will never get lost in the crowd. 

Hank and jogger Charlotte spent 45 minutes on More Mesa yesterday. Happy smiles!  #sbdogjog  #hanksbdj   #dogsofsantabarbara

Hank and jogger Charlotte spent 45 minutes on More Mesa yesterday. Happy smiles! #sbdogjog#hanksbdj #dogsofsantabarbara

How many dog joggers do you currently have available for K9 fitness?

Right now it’s myself and a group of 4 auxiliary joggers who I can call if I can’t fit the jog into my schedule. We also offer house/dog sitting and that’s where I usually utilize my employees. 

What areas do you service?

We offer our services in Santa Barbara and the surrounding towns of Goleta, Summerland, and Carpinteria. Another aspect that sets us aside is that your dog’s hour doesn’t start until we get to the beach or trailhead. Travel time is not included! 

What is your favorite part about what you do?

My favorite part of my job is when I can make a difference in a dog’s behavior. A lot of time people think they need trainers to whip their dog into shape and correct destructive behaviors. However I believe that through exercise many of those behaviors will subside on their own. I often feel like I’m part dog. Occasionally I have to pinch myself when I’m hiking on a beautiful day with a client and know that this is the career I’ve created for myself.  

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